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The Public Trust Office is a Public Trading Body owned by Government on behalf of the Samoan Community. It is incorporated as a Corporation sole under the Public Trust Office Act 1975 and was converted to a Public Trading Body under the Public Bodies (Performance and Accountability) Act 2001.
In its estate administration role, it operates by and is governed by the following legislation:

§          Public Trust Office Act 1975 (as amended)

§          Public Trust Office Regulations 1978 (as amended)

§          Administration Act 1975

§          Wills Act 1975

§          Trustee Act 1975  

As a Public Trading Body, the Office is also required to conduct its operations in accord with and subject to the following legislation, the focus being on financial accountability and operational profitability: 

§          Public Bodies (Performance & Accountability) Act 2001 (as amended)

§          Companies Act 2001 (as amended)

§          Public Finance and Management Act 2001 (as amended)

§          Public Bodies (Performance & Accountability) Regulations 2002.


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